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8-Bit Adventures 2 New Demo + Discord AMA for Steam Festival!

8-Bit Adventures 2 is featured in the Steam Game Festival from June16th to June 22nd. In celebration of this, a brand new Demo has been released for the game, and we’re holding our first ever AMA on our Discord channel, June 17th at 7pm PDT!

Download the 8-Bit Adventures 2 Steam Festival Demo and enjoy up to 2 hours of RPG action! It's divided into three levels - Prologue, Dungeon, and Town - so you can play them in order, or jump into any one you like. Enjoy strategic, turn-based battles, challenging boss fights, unique dungeons, an unforgettable soundtrack, and vibrant 8-Bit inspired visuals. If you love turn-based JRPGs, and want more than a throwback, you won't be disappointed.

I took this approach because RPGs are a little hard to demo, as they’re designed to be more of a slow burn, where you settle into the world, characters, and mechanics. I believe this is a good middle ground!

The Prologue

A short trek through a dangerous desert at sunset, which eases you into the basic controls and mechanics, making it a great place to start your journey!

The Dungeon

Survive a gritty, industrial-era town currently under the occupation of an army of clockwork soldiers. Steam-powered tanks roll through the streets, and your journey from the open City to the carefully-guarded Foundry, via train, will no doubt be a perilous one. Meet a new robotic ally, and come face to face with the game's antagonist - the Glitch!

The Town

A peaceful slice of 8-Bit Adventures 2, which allows the player to relax, explore, shop, and meet the eccentric inhabitants of Stonecrest. There's even an optional boss fight to discover, as well as a scene which previews the World Map which awaits in the full game! Whatever levels you pick, we sincerely hope you enjoy this brand new demo of 8-Bit Adventures 2, coming later this year. And please feel free to send us your feedback and questions!


Once you're done with the demo, please join us on Discord, on Wednesday June 17th at 7pm PDT for the first ever 8-Bit Adventures 2 AMA!

And in another exciting first, it looks like we might have all 4 members of our development team on the AMA too! So if you have any burning questions about art, music, or programming, you can ask the experts =)

The AMA will go for roughly 2 hours. You can ask questions, give feedback, get demo tips, or just chat RPGs - whatever you'd like! I'll also be available for questions throughout the whole Summer Festival - either on Discord, Twitter (@CriticalGamesAU), or via Steam. I'm always happy to chat, so please feel free to say hello!




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