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July Update - 8-Bit Adventures 2 at DreamHack Beyond TODAY!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to reveal that 8-Bit Adventures 2 is a part of DreamHack Beyond – and the event begins TODAY!

What is DreamHack Beyond? It’s a fully digital, online convention that’s styled like a point-and-click adventure game. It features demos, cosplay, tournaments, game booths, and even a story-driven adventure – all rolled into a unique online multiplayer experience with a gorgeous, Cartoon Network-inspired art style! Seriously, I’ve gone hands on with my booth area, and I’m incredibly impressed with what they’ve built.

If you like JRPGs and chatting with quirky NPCs in games, I think you’ll really enjoy this. In fact, I’m an NPC in DreamHack Beyond too! So you can chat to "me" about 8-Bit Adventures 2 inside the game ;)

Speaking of which, you can find my doppelganger at the 8-Bit Adventures 2 booth in Hive 3!

To join the event, all you need to do is claim your FREE ticket here:

I am incredibly grateful to have been invited to show 8-Bit Adventures 2 at DreamHack Beyond, and I honestly think this is one online convention you won’t want to miss. Especially if you’re currently in lockdown like I am here in Australia!

DreamHack Beyond Steam Sale!

To celebrate the event, I’m also running some discounts! From 10AM on July 24th through to 10AM on July 31st (Pacific Time), you can get 8-Bit Adventures at 60% off! That means you can own it for just $4 USD! You can also get the fantastic Remastered Soundtrack 30% off ($3.50 USD), or the Game + Soundtrack bundle 45% off (that's only $6.60 USD)!

Additionally, my most recent game Tales Across Time is also participating in the sale, making an already cheap game even cheaper! You can now get it 20% off - that's just $2.39 USD!!

As I've said before, these discounts won't get any lower in the future, so now's the time to buy if you're interested in checking these games out and supporting the final phase of development on 8-Bit Adventures 2!

General Updates

I’m very sorry for the radio silence; I haven’t wanted to do any big updates for a while, as I’ve been working at a really good pace. That said, I’m still responding to everyone that leaves me a comment here or on social media, and am active on Twitter (@CriticalGamesAU) and our Discord channel. But I know plenty of people don’t look at those, so I’ll be sharing some of the updates I’ve made there in this post.

But just before that, I apologise for how quiet I’ve been on announcements this year. A whole big string of them is on the horizon (lots and lots of things I’ve been trying to plan and organise finally coming to fruition), but I’m trying to find the best time to do so. 8-Bit Adventures 2’s development is going really well, though! I'm waiting until the game is actually finished to announce a release date, as the last thing I want to do is disappoint anyone again. But I know how frustrating that is for all of you – and I don’t for a moment take your patience and support for granted. I’m incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people looking forward to 8-Bit Adventures 2, and I’ll always be upfront and honest about things whenever I’m asked =) However, I can say that I have 15 hours of completely finished, polished, bug tested, finalised game - with the remaining hours partially finished (I'm predicting around 23-24 hours, depending on the player - but a lot of the late game content is a little more free-flowing and player driven, as you have the freedom of an Airship, and can tackle a bunch of sidequests, so it's easier on development - compared to the more scripted, heavily directed content that comprises the bulk of the game). So the last few months have been extremely productive! I’m honestly feeling a bit exhausted haha, but I feel like I’m making constant, significant progress, so that’s a great feeling =D Anyway, onto sharing some of those updates! First up, let’s look at a new addition to 8-Bit Adventures 2: the Battle Status Window! With the push of a button, you can view the whole party's details in a handy little window; Stats, Equipment, Augments, and current Status effects (as well as how long those Status effects have left before they disappear)!

When you have a six or seven character party, this window can really help you stay on top of who has what, and will help you decide which allies to swap in or out.

Next up is the Autosave system! While not the most visually exciting thing to show, it’s essential to a modern RPG. So whatever happens, you’ll always have a back-up!

For something a little bit different, here’s an update I posted about running around in the large, neon-lit City of Sounds - one of the 29 dungeons featured in 8-Bit Adventures 2. Here you'll face electrified guitarists, enemy-buffing backup drummers, and tone-deaf singers with killer vocals!

And finally, back in May, 8-Bit Adventures 2's performance got a big boost! The game now has a rock-solid 60fps frame rate, and this has made a tremendous difference to the feel of the game. For example, enemies spotting you on the World Map used to cause a lag spike, but not anymore!

All of these improvements are thanks to our amazing programmer Sufyan Noor, so a round of applause for him please! He’s doing amazing work adding this last coat of polish to the technical side of the game, and implementing the Quality of Life elements I’ve designed.

Lastly, I also wanted to share this awesome, adorable piece of fan art that Starzee posted on our Discord! It's the 8-Bit Adventures 2 cast if they were made into plushies, and I absolutely LOVE it (and want to buy them haha)! Thanks so much for creating it and letting me share your work Starzee =D

I'm sorry I don't have more to announce, but there's a lot to come (I've got announcements related to seven different companies in the long-term!). I'm so, so incredibly grateful for all of your support - every comment truly means a lot to me. But please, don't forget to check out DreamHack Beyond - I'm very grateful to be a part of it, and I genuinely think it's going to be something special. I'm looking forward to hopping on myself! =D


For more information and updates, please:



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