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My name is Josh Hallaran and I’m an Australian indie developer, working under the company name Critical Games since 2011. Best known for creating RPGs on the PC - notably 8-Bit Adventures 1 and Tales Across Time.


I am currently hard at work developing 8-Bit Adventures 2, with the collaboration of three very talented freelancers: artist Jerram Fahey, composer Sebastian Galvez, and programmer Dr “iBolt” Dhoom. The game is entirely self-funded and is by far the biggest project I've ever tackled. We feel we've made something truly special!

Last but not least, the 8-Bit Adventures 2 Promo Art was drawn by Ryan "Jamps" Jampole, best known for his work on the Mega Man, Sonic, and Dexter’s Lab comic book series’.


8-Bit Adventures 2 Charlie Victory

Down on your luck?

Have a question?

Found some of those

"diabolical traps" left by the Glitch?


If you need help, please feel free to post on the

8-Bit Adventures 2 Steam Community or email:

I'm just one person, so your patience is sincerely appreciated when dealing with these issues!

8-Bit Adventures 2 The Glitch

Press Contact:

Name: Josh Hallaran




Website: &


Twitter: @CriticalGamesAU


Press Kit: Click here to download a media kit containing the Press Release,

logos, screenshots, and trailer.

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