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8-Bit Adventures 2 Discord AMA during Steam Summer Festival!

Have feedback or a question about 8-Bit Adventures 2? Want to learn more about the game or its development? Need some Demo tips? Or maybe you just want to chat with some fellow RPG fantatics! Thanks to the Steam Summer Festival, I'll be hosting an AMA on Wednesday June 17th via our brand new Discord channel:

Since I'm the host, I'd better explain who I am! My name's Josh Hallaran and I'm the Lead Developer of 8-Bit Adventures 2. So if you have a question, I'd love to give you an answer! Well, so long as it's not about the release date =P But in all seriousness, this is your chance to ask me anything!

So play through the new Steam Festival Demo when it launches on June 16th, and then join us on Discord, Wednesday June 17th at 7pm PDT for the AMA!

The AMA will go for roughly 2 hours, but I'll also be available for questions throughout the whole Summer Festival - either on Discord, Twitter (@CriticalGamesAU), or on Steam. I'm always happy to chat, so please feel free to say hello!

I hope to see you there! ~Josh

For more information and updates, please:

*Note: The date changed due to the Steam Festival delay. That's why this was re-posted.



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