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At this place you will get all the available support services and tickets related to the here service May 13, 2020 Spectrasonics RME80 ≪ 〉 ≪

When I run python script I get a result like this psycopg2.ProgrammingError: relation "tbt_table" does not exist LINE 1:...micate end='2019-12-15' limit=None I searched in the net for info about how to solve this problem,but I can not found a solution A: I solved the problem.I realized the database that I want connect to the I use PostgreSQL But in the tutorial I use Microsoft SQL Server. the problem was in the date format. I want use select id,name,exchange,code from devicelist where end='2019-12-15'; but I use select id,name,exchange,code from devicelist where end='2019-12-15' limit=1; I created in the window of the terminal using PostgreSQL and I got all the data I needed Q: Objective-C: Creating a class derived from deallocated object I have a class derived from UIViewController. I let the MainStoryboardController test a method from it. The problem is that when I start over the project by cleaning the build folders, Xcode will tell me that some classes are deallocated that I have not yet released! I have try to release by the way: [myviewController didReceiveMemoryWarning]; [myviewController release]; [super release]; The memory warning method is called but the class is deallocated, and I get a Memory warning crash report. Anyone has any idea? A: I found the solution: if ( self.myViewController!= nil ) { [self.myViewController release]; } self.myViewController = nil; KEDCO KEDCO is a non-profit organisation which promotes eco-tourism in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. KEDCO was established in 1999, with the intention of protecting the habitats of some of Durban's largest wild animals. The organisation has been growing in popularity as a destination for ecological tourism and has recently expanded to include the creation of new and ecologically friendly urban environments.


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