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With the advent of the “New World Order” the people have many of the same rights as they have had since founding of the United States of America and have been given a voice on the agenda of the global community. When the people speak the governments listen. Together they will change this world of theirs into a world of Peace, Happiness, and Love. What is Life? Life has been defined in many ways. I will be listing some of the most interesting definitions. “Life is a process by which organic compounds, or living organisms, are constructed from inorganic molecules, through a series of complex molecular transformations.” I want to thank everyone for the many articles and books written on the subject. I have really enjoyed reading these books and articles. The following is the opinion of my “brother,” a good friend of mine and the author of many books including the “Book of Life.” “The purpose of life is to fill our lives with purpose and meaning and to enjoy life in the present, not just the future or the past.” “Life, in essence, is a set of relationships with other living things that create, sustain and maintain a unity of existence and purpose. That purpose is to fill life with meaning and to fill life with love.” “Life is like an all-night party. You have to be willing to leave the party early, but you can always return to the party.” “The world itself is a gigantic healing machine which uses life and living matter as its sole fuel.” “Life is a human-made thing, not a human-only thing. It is the essence of all living things.” “Life is a series of self-regenerating systems that each draw upon the energy of the environment around them for their sustenance. Life is all the systems in which organic matter exists.” “Life is a natural state of matter which exists because it is patterned and in the process of patterning itself.” “Life is a state of being a self-organized system of behaviors.” “The common element in all living beings is the ability to develop and express qualities of life through the mechanism of their biological functioning.”




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Strigarea Lotului 49 Pdf Download

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